Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Resolutions & Can we REALLY keep them?!?!?!?

   So the months worth of wrapping has been unwrapped, the returns have been returned, the re-gifting presents have been placed in the EMERGENCY gift closet, the tree is beginning to lose its needles, the sugar high from Christmas Sweets is on the decline.... and the liquor cabinet is stocked and ready for New Year's Eve! YEP, we have yet survived another Christmas. I hope everyone has had the most wonderful Christmas ever... But if you know me at all you know I do not dwell on the past or even turn my head to get a glimpse back... SO on to the 5 days of nothingness until New Year's Eve Celebrations begin!
    Well it isn't really nothingness... you now is the time to ponder "What will my New Year's Resolution be??" In my opinion here are the "Top 3" infamous resolutions one may hear repeatedly over the next week... #1 Get Healthy/Loss Weight #2 Quit "insert something here" i.e. smoking (YES most DEF!! it's yuckie if you ask me), drinking (I'm not so sure why anyone would ever want to do that!), using Credit Cards (that's quite ambitious of you.. glad its you and not me!) #3 Get organized/de-clutter my life...
   So I'm sure you are asking....What am I making as MY New Year's Resolution? WELL... I have given much thought to this... I am going to Quit Shopping.... at Full Price.. You thought I was going to say Quit Shopping... Do you seriously think I could quit shopping cold turkey?? HIGHLY doubtful! But with fabulous websites such as , ,, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to ever buy anything not on sale! So here is a list of the things I can ONLY purchase full price... groceries, beauty products (Aveda NEVER goes on sale), iTunes, Lancome Makeup, beauty services (hair, facials, nails)... So this week is going to be a trail run.. I will post under comments Daily Purchases every other day (to keep me accountable) then there after I will post once a week... Do you think I can handle it??

live life fabulously


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