Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Parties in FULL SWING!

There is not a time throughout the year that I love MORE than the 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas! In college it was Christmas Parties (KA Christmas party 2005, we will try to forget but never will) and Semi Formals (KD and Sigma Nu... need I say more??) and of course our College Life tacky Christmas party by the pool at Ms Susie with the gingerbread icing fight :) SO needless to say there were many memories made in a very short time period. But one thing I ALWAYS dread about this time of year is what to wear to each and every party.It is really sad, but I spend so much time stressing over what in the heck I'm going to wear. Honestly I consider this ludicrous, absurd! But I continually repeat the same acts every Holiday season... So here's where I pose the question/s ? Is it ok to wear the same dress to multiple events if you make each outfit look different (ie - fur coat, pashmina, different fun jewelry)?? And for those annual parties that you have each and every year is it ok to pull something out of the closet from summer and winterize it or switch up the outfits that you wore to each party last year??

I think completely and totally YES! It is fine!! With the economy looking the way it does (which it is picking up... a tad) ((knock on wood) why would you spend anywhere from 400 to 1200 dollars on "party" outfits every year?? SO lets get resourceful! I am NOT going to buy one new party dress this year... Lets see if I can make it! I'll keep you posted. AND yes Momma, I returning my New Lilly party dress.. :( I'm sad to see it go... but do I REALLY need another party dress???

live life fabulously


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