Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the best is yet to come...

I've always heard time flies as you get older... guess what its SO right! As I think back on this year... there's been ups and downs, huge question marks that hung over my head, a thousand different curvy and the hilly roads where one could only see 20 feet in front of them... But through all the confusion, uncertainty... one thing remained constant... God saying "Trust in Me". It was only a year ago I was in the classroom saying "This just doesn't fit... This just doesn't satisfy me..." Now I find myself in the prefect job for me, but not a settling job either. But not just a JOB either...but a career! As I look back and reflect all those doors and windows, they opened and closed just in prefect timing. As many times as I doubted my purpose, God's plan and will for my life over the past year... I now hear God saying... "See I told you, sister sue.. I've got this under control." And as we begin another year my mind begins to race and "plan" and schedule (big breath in) but a little tap on my shoulder... I sit still and close my eyes... and I hear it again... "I've got it under control" (long steady breath out)

Happy 2012 Ya'll... remember He's got it under control!

live life fabulously


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