Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's IN, What's NOT, What's HOT, and NOT so hot! BUT who really cares anyway?!?!?

(I'm going to get on my soapbox for a minute, please forgive me)

   Who really honestly cares what the "IT" bag is for fall or  the "Everyone in Hollywood is wearing..." jewelry.... I know I could care less... I realize and agree to that the majority of the purchases I make are based on something I've seen in a magazine ad or on some random person (usually in there late 20's -early 30's....) or something on reality TV  (Real Housewives) or Gossip Girl.
   But does anyone else realize that the $60 - $150 "IT" look-a-like bag you can find at Nordstroms will be SO out of style or falling apart by next season much less NEXT year... then you'll have to purchase the NEXT "IT" bag.. there goes ANOTHER $60- $150..So lets do the math... for arguement sake we'll use $120.  SO $120 (per bag) X 4 (spring, summer, fall, winter) = $480 a year , this is not to mention the other little bags you HAVE to have here and there because "This would be SO cute with that outfit" or my favorite "OH I've been visiting this bag FOREVER (maybe 4 weeks) and NOW its ON SALE!!! 20% off! " (I'm EXTREMELY guilty on the 2nd one) . So we will tack on another at least $130 on to the orginal $120 making our grand total to $250 per season = $1,000 a year..

So what's the point???? I'm getting there... don't get your panties in a bunch.... You know those finer things of life I like to talk about.... well if one was to stop throwing money at the "IT" bags and make an investment in a piece that will last a lifetime and age gracefully.. one could save a WHOLE HECK of a lot of money over a 3 year time period. Let's take a Louis Vuitton for example...The Fall 2010 Artsy MM  $1,400 (don't forget I like BIG... I do live in Texas after all ) The Artsy is a bag one could carry for YEARS.. Heck it could even be a baby bag one day or an additional carry on for those business trips to New York (just where ever you may see yourself in 8- 10years). But in REAL life to carry this bag AS a everyday in and out handbag one would PROBABLY carry it for 3 maybe 4 years before getting bored... and wanting the next investment. SO for 4 years you could save $2,600 . Hum.... So to go with the "IT's" bags or make an investment that will last??

No matter what... be yourself... be your style... If its Nike tempos, XL t-shirts, and Chacos or Oxford polos and driving mocs.. be who you are.. be comfortable in every situation you may find yourself in.

live life fabulously


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